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Wer die Wissenslust von Kindern unterstützen und stärken möchte,
muss sie begeistern können.

Ganz im Sinne der seit ewigen Zeiten geltenden Regeln der Lerntheorie:
motivieren – konzentrieren – wiederholen.
So lernt der Mensch!



Caterpillars and Butterflies (June 2019)

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The children in the Musikentdecker group experienced the wonderful transformation of caterpillars into butterflies this Spring.

The tiny caterpillars arrived in a small box. They were so small that we needed a magnifying glass to examine them. It took the children a few minutes to work out what they really were. They shared their ideas as they carefully passed the box around morning circle. Then we went to discuss how to properly care for them.

The box lived in our "Caterpillar Station" where the children were free to observe them whenever they wanted. The box had food over its base and the tiny caterpillars ate and ate and ate! We were amazed to see how quickly they grew.

The children recorded the caterpillars´development on journals. Every week or two the children drew what they saw in zhe box. Once they became cocoons we transfered them to a special net cage, and the children continued their journals. These journals were kept on the wall in the corridor, giving the children lots of opportunities to compare pictures and talk about them...

.. Once all the caterpillars had made their cocoons the wait was unbearable. Each morning the children checked to see if there were any butterflies yet. We waited. And waited. And waited. And finally, one morning, a beautiful butterfly was fluttering around inside its netted home. WOW!

Next we had an important job to do: The buttterfly needed food. We measured and mixed the sugar water that had been sent along with the caterpillars. We soaked a small flower-shaped sponge with the sweet water. We also put some fruit next to it. It was funny to watch the butterfly eating with its long tongue.

One morning we were lucky to see one cocoon opening and the butterfly ready to crawl out. The children left their breakfasts and ran to see. They had to be quick! It happened so fast! The crumpled butterfly, which we had first seen as a tiny little caterpilar, crawled out of its small cocoon and up onto the side of the netting to wait to dry before it tested its new wings. It was truely amazing!

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