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Wer die Wissenslust von Kindern unterstützen und stärken möchte,
muss sie begeistern können.

Ganz im Sinne der seit ewigen Zeiten geltenden Regeln der Lerntheorie:
motivieren – konzentrieren – wiederholen.
So lernt der Mensch!



"Half-a-Day in the Forest"

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What started as a half a day excursion to the forest, has now been integrated in our 3-6 year old age group - the "Music Explorers" - weekly routine. Since the middle of October, through rain or shine, the children has been going to the forest close to our Kita grounds once a week.

Children learn every day and in every moment in their early life. Kita Clarino provides child-based approach to a variety of different learning experiences. This "Half-a-Day in the Forest" activity has allowed us to do this. In doing so, we also implement the curriculum framework of the Berlin Educational Programme designed for Berlin kindergartens and pre-schools.

With this activity, we cover all the 7 education areas as follows:

  • Body, movement and health
  • Social and cultural environment
  • Communication
  • Music
  • Basic mathematical activity
  • Basic science and technical activity

Through these 7 areas of education, the 4 abilities required for the children`s development are also fostered within this activity:

  • Personal skills
  •  Social skills
  • Functional skills
  • Learning skills

We see ourselves not only as an educator but as well as a facilitator to accompany each of our children in their educational and developmental process. Being a child´s companion to explore and discover their own world, the community they live in and the world as a whole is what makes our task worthwhile. All of us are very proud of what we are achieving with this activity. Please feel free to talk to Carola and Liz anytime - our Music Explorers educators - about this exciting activity. 

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