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Wer die Wissenslust von Kindern unterstützen und stärken möchte,
muss sie begeistern können.

Ganz im Sinne der seit ewigen Zeiten geltenden Regeln der Lerntheorie:
motivieren – konzentrieren – wiederholen.
So lernt der Mensch!



Our New Pets - The Stick Insects (Feb 2018)

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In January this year we told the children we were going to have some pets to look after here in the Kita. They were very excited as we talked about different animals and their needs, which ones make good pets, and who has a pet at home. No-one had stick insects at home so it was a new experience for everyone. Having some eggs as well as four insects made it even more exciting.

Together we prepared a home and collected the food the stick insects would need. We took time to talk about how to keep them safe in our Kita. We decided that we should not climb around the glass tank or shout too loudly indoors.

Over the last few weeks we have watch them grow and found their skin which they shed like snakes. So far two of the eggs have hatched and these insechts are much smaller than the other four. Sometimes they are hard to find as they camouflage themselves under leaves. A few times we thought a couple had escaped. We enjoy sharing our room with the stick insects. We watch them grow, learn about them and other insects, and feel responsible for them.


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