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Wer die Wissenslust von Kindern unterstützen und stärken möchte,
muss sie begeistern können.

Ganz im Sinne der seit ewigen Zeiten geltenden Regeln der Lerntheorie:
motivieren – konzentrieren – wiederholen.
So lernt der Mensch!



This is Me! (June 2017)

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It´s not long now until our five Klangforscher become Musik- entdecker. The change has become a big topic in the group. In order to intensify the topic we wanted to start a little project "This is Me". It´s all about getting to know yourself and your own body as well as helping the children see themselves as their own person. When I know myself then I´m in a better position to be able to recognise the needs and feelings of the others. This project also helps the group of children who are changing to become stronger.

What colour are my eyes? What colour is my hair? What belongs to my body? Do we all look the same? These are the questions we´ve been asking ourselves over the past few weeks.

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